Choosing A Paint Color

In my design experience, some of the simplest tips are the most important.  One is choosing paint color. When trying to decide what paint to use in a room, it is not wise to base your decision on a small paint chip. I always encourage people to find three areas of wall space within the room  – areas where the natural light is strongest as well as areas that do not get exposed to much natural light.  I would paint these three areas with two coats of paint in a 4′ by 4′  block so that you see the true color of the pigment.  If the room is currently painted a deep or bright color, I would recommend pre- painting  the 4′ by 4′ block white and then applying the paint sample.  Then, the last part of the exercise is to walk into the room at different times of the day and night .  By doing this it  will reveal the color that truly speaks to you and brings out the best characteristics and mood of the room.

Laurie Preston