I am currently in the process of reorganizing my home office.  I’ve hired a professional organizer to assist me in this process.  It has been fun and overwhelming at the same time.  Your workspace should look and feel inspiring and serene.  To establish such a setting, one needs to consider function of the space, color, furnishings, lighting and an organizational system.  You should select paint colors that lift your mood, enhance the space and compliment your personality.  Lighting is imperative.  The use of natural lights with incandescent bulbs is a good combination. Please be advised to stay away from fluorescent lights due to their various negative side effects. Upholstered furniture, window treatments and carpeting all add a softness to the room while lowering noise levels – nothing like a peaceful environment.   And above all organization is imperative.  You need to create a space for filing systems, electronics, archives and on going projects.  Creating a work space that is surrounded by beauty will help inspire and motivate you to do your very best work!  For more ideas see http://www.pinterest.com/laprest/home-office/.