Home Staging is the art of creating the most attractive  and welcoming  home on the real estate market.  The primary purpose of staging a home for sale is to create a product that will appeal to the largest segment of potential buyers, thereby selling the home in less amount of time and for the most amount of money.  Outside of the location and size of a home, most people make the decision to purchase a home based on emotion (how appealing the exterior is and how homey or welcoming it is) according to  a Proctor & Gamble study.  That being said, home staging is a very effective selling  tool and one everyone who is considering putting their home on the market should invest in.  And even if you are not selling your home this year, I always like to “pretend” that I will be putting my house on the market.  Curb appeal, clutter control, and design and repair details all matter.  Maintaining your landscaping;  keeping closets and cabinets neat and organized;  and repairing or replacing outdated or broken items on an annual basis all protect one of your biggest investments and give you peace of mind.